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Why I'm publishing this page?

In the web are so many information available about scuba diving, diving philosophies and skills, private picture galleries etc.
After diving since 2001 and collecting more good as bad experiences I had the feeling to do the same ;-)
as part of the big scuba diving community worldwide.

In 2004 I started with this webpage to inform about my diving trips and to show the pictures I shoot under water.
In the meantime this page is more or less a collection of my private experiences over more than 10 years scuba diving.
Beside a listing of my diving education I have listed my diving gear with personal notes and of course I'm publishing my picture gallery as well as some short impressions about the trip itself.

If you don't like it, feel free to leave this page but if you are interested in, you are invited to a virtual  underwater trip around the world.                                Uwe Scheit


Latest News:
- 2016 March Raja Ampat, MY Shakti, Eclipse Tour 2016, with Scuba Native Tauchreisen
- 2014 November Diving Polynesia (Tahiti, Fakarava, Rangiroa) with Scuba Native Tauchreisen
- 2015 January Scooter BONEX Reference RS
- 2014 Archon light systems, Mini Cave Light
- 2013 December New Video Light System for GoPro HERO
- 2013 November Technical Full Cave Diver Certification, IANTD, Mexico Yucatan
- 2012 April Dive tour Selayar and Komodo
- 2011 August New depot for all my Diving Gear incl. Compressor and He, O2, Argon storage Tanks
- 2011 April Dive tour Philippines BOHOL, Capilao Dive Resort
- 2010 December New Dive Computer OSTC Mk.2 (Suunto HelO2 sold)
- 2010 June Dive tour BORNEO KALIMANTAN - MSY Damai -
- 2010 April Barakuda TRIMIX 60, NORMOXIC IANTD, Certification
- 2010 February Advanced Nitrox Certification IANTD
- 2010 JanuaryStart with training for "Advanced Nitrox" => "TRIMIX 60"
- 2009 AprilCave Diving, Lot  France, together with Monika&Helmut
- 2009 JanuaryWeb Page partly modified, (new design, start with translation into English language)
- 2008 DecemberNew light system TWIN LED - Cave, Tank System, supplied by mb-sub;
Equipped with two OSTAR 1000 Lumen LEDs; and a maximum light output of approx. 2000 Lumen,
that equals the brightness of 2 x 50W halogen lamps."
- 2008 August Certification in Technical Diving  -  Cave1 -  IntroCaveDiver -  PATD, France

Best of:



Uwe Scheit, 28.03.2016